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Why Mentorship?
It Made Me Millions.

This is no exaggeration,  20 months after I started receiving mentorship my business grew by over 800% landing me in Inc Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. This growth is post the "Shark Tank Spike", so 800% more than what we did the year I was on Shark Tank. No matter if you are just getting started or on your way to 7 figures, I strongly believe mentorship is the single most important aspect of living a full life with overwhelming success.

Below I'll outline the Invincible Mentorship Methodology, and what mentorship options I currently offer.

This is a highly selective program, and you must apply and be accepted. I can only mentor those who are ready for massive change in their lives, who are ready to have a positive growth mindset, and who dare to dream the impossible and make it possible.

I can't wait to see what we can achieve together.

- Akeem

Who Am I?

Good question. There are a lot of people offering courses and life coaching having never accomplished any of the things they are telling you that you can accomplish. This is the difference between someone offering their opinion and someone offering mentorship. In our sessions, I will only speak from experience, and provide guidance based on the pitfalls and successes I faced. Most importantly we will start by identifying your limiting beliefs and shifting your mindset because, without this fundamental yet simple shift, none of the tactical strategies I provide can be manifested. 

Before applying, I recommend you schedule a discovery call, to learn more.


Grants Won


They call me the "Pitch Pastor" becasue my pitches win pitch competitions.

Equity-free, debt free capital to start and grow my business. 

2 Year Growth


Registered massive, rapid growth with the help of an incredible mentor. And I also got engaged.

Six Figure Days

Six Figure Years

When I started I just wanted to make 6 Figures in a year, now we recieve 6 Figure checks from single customers.

Capital Raised


I have raised in excess of a million dollars to grow and scale the business.

Major Retail Distribution

Pitched  and won national distribution 3000+ doors

Walmart Deck Q2 23 (2).png

Product Design


I've created protoypes with paper and tape and I've worked with world class industrial designers. Manufactruing 100,000s of units of product across multiple suppliers. Made it happen at any budget.



I taught my self to write patents and file my own trademarks and you can too.


College Drop Out

I lost my full scholarship at university in D.C. In 2023 I went back to D.C. to witness my story become apart of history in the largest museum in the world, the Smithsonian.

You can call it a comeback.

Who Are You?

You want to get started and work on your dream full time.

The Dreamer

Are you dreaming of quitting your job? Are you a side hustler but wish your hustle could meet all of your needs and have a little left over? For those of us who have been behind on our dreams and our bills, this is a familiar starting point.


To start we will identify your limiting beliefs and you will learn strategies to eliminate limiting beliefs and maintain a strong mindset. We will figure out all of your life goals and dreams, create timelines, and break down your one-year goals into bite-size steps. I will be your full-time accountability couch, I find having accountability when your self-discipline, self-belief, and willpower are drained is vital to keep momentum. You will complete this 6-month sprint with a Business Master Plan, and a killer elevator pitch. This is just a guideline, mentorship must be completely customized for you and your dreams.

*It's not uncommon for Dreamers to have their first 5 figure month within this plan.*

You are nearly doing it all, but ready to grow your team.

Sole Survivor

Are you a solopreneur? Working hard IN your business but not ON your business? I was stuck in this phase for 2 long years. I was making 6 figures in my business but couldn't leap from managing nearly all daily tasks. I had a couple of part-time workers but they could only handle so much. I was stuck and didn't know what to do.

This is when I found my mentor, and everything changed. Here we will start by outlining your limiting beliefs and your mindset. We will identify your goals and what it takes to scale. Well, uncover capital requirements and intact a plan. We will tackle your bottlenecks, uncover delegation opportunities, and identify roles.

We will address product or service opportunities, increase marketing efficiencies, and focus on expansion. You will complete this 12-month plan having created and begun implementation of a growth strategy,  built and killer elevator pitch, and a memorable pitch deck, using the same strategies that worked for me winning multiple 5-6 figure grants and deals.

*You should be prepared to double or triple your revenue with this plan .*

You are a legitimate entrepanuer but your ready to be a CEO

The Multiplier

Do you wish you could replicate yourself? Do you need officers who can manage and scale entire segments of your business with minimal guidance or oversight? Do you see the vision, but are unconfident about how you achieve it? This is what we call a lifestyle business and 91% of successful small businesses never get past this point.

It's time to make you a 9 Percenter. We will work through your limiting beliefs and Mindset mistakes. While we focus on this in every plan, it's most important here because the higher the goal the more important the mindset. We will set goals and work them with the SMART framework. Well, identify capital needs and sales goals and design plans for each revenue channel.

We'll develop your leadership skills, identify bottlenecks, outline roles, and delegate tasks. We will design a pitch for each verticle you plan to tackle including grants, donations, deals, and partnerships. We will find opportunities to eliminate inefficiencies in operations, products and services.

We'll have Half-day or Full-day intensives to hone in on weaknesses and key areas of opportunity for personal growth. You will learn how to motivate, inspire, and hold your employees accountable. You'll have 24/7 text and emergency access to myself and my team. You will complete this 12-month plan having fully implemented a scaling strategy, built multiple pitch decks, and made successful pitches, using the template that landed me 6 figure deals and investments.

*This is an intensive strategy that I used to achive 8x growth, you should be prepared to 5-10x revenue *

Ready to become Invincible?

Once you apply for mentorship, choose your plan and lets achive your dreams.

  • The Dreamer

    $0 - $50k Annual Revenue
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1 on 1 Training with Akeem
    • 6 Months of Mentorship
    • 30 min every week (13 Hours)
    • Fulltime Accountability Coach
    • Access to Invincible MasterMind™ Group Calls & Events
    • Identify Limiting Beliefs
    • Develop Mindset to overcome limiting beliefs
    • Create trackable Results using SMART Goal Framework
    • Deliverable: Goal Map
    • Deliverable: Business MasterPlan
    • Deliverable: $10k Elevator Pitch
  • The Sole Survivor

    $50k-$300k Annual Revenue
    Valid for 12 months
    • 1 on 1 training with Akeem
    • 12 months of Mentorship
    • 1 hour every week (52 Hours)
    • Unlimited text access to Akeem
    • Fulltime Accountability Coach
    • Access to Invincible MasterMind™ Group Calls & Events
    • Identify Limiting Beliefs
    • Develop Mindset to overcome limiting beliefs
    • Create trackable results using SMART Goal Framework
    • Deliverable: Goal Map
    • Deliverable: Business GrowthPlan
    • Deliverable: $10k Elevator Pitch
    • Deliverable: $100k Grant or Deal Pitch
  • The Multiplier

    $300,000+ Annual Revenue
    Valid for 12 months
    • 1 on 1 training with Akeem
    • 12 months of Mentorship
    • 10 hours per month (120 Hours)
    • 6 Full-Day Intensives
    • Unlimited text access to Akeem
    • Laser Coaching (bonus calls for urgent issues)
    • Fulltime Accountability Coach
    • Access to Invincible MasterMind™ group calls & events
    • Identify limiting beliefs
    • Develop Mindset to overcome limiting beliefs
    • Create trackable results using SMART Goal Framework
    • Deliverable: Goal Map
    • Deliverable: Business ScalingPlan
    • Deliverable: $10k Elevator Pitch
    • Deliverable: $100k Grant or Deal Pitch
    • Deliverable $1,000,000 Investment or Partnership Pitch
Detais and Pricing
  • The Dreamer (Monthly)

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
  • The Sole Survivor (Monthly)

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
  • The Multiplier (Monthly)

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months

Let's Change Your Life.

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